Non-surgical intralifting and plasma rejuvenation

Providing your patients with a combined, painless and minimally invasive treatment has never been so easy! Therma D.A.S. gives you the right solution.
Intralifting technique guarantees surgical results without using a scalpel and without collateral effects and downtime. The plasma effect gives deep elastic fibers stimulation resulting in a smoother skin and improved texture.

Therma D.A.S.

Therma D.A.S. is the revolutionary device to remodel the face and neck thanks to a lifting effect. Improved skin texture, reduced aging signs without pain, scars and without undergoing surgery.

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Remodel the oval of the face thanks to a lifting effect improving the skin texture and reducing the aging signs with Dermo Ablation Surgery technology

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The only plasma device modulated in frequency

D.A.S. medical is the only plasma device with real modulation of frequency and power. You can expect excellent results for reducing skin laxity, improving rhytides and effectively treating benign dermatological lesions.

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D.A.S. medical