Intralifting Technique with EndoD.A.S.

Intralifting with EndoD.A.S. is an effective technique for skin laxity remodelling and face contour redefinition. Those effects are obtained through EndoD.A.S. thermal regulated endodermic radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is released at subdermal and hypodermic level to target specific layers for optimal skin retraction and deep elastic fibres stimulation.

Intralifting technique is painless, it does not cause discomfort during the procedure or downtime. The procedure does not involve sedation or total anaesthetization of the whole treated area. Patients can return to normal daily activities soon after without worrying about complications and visible side effects.

Intralifting procedure addresses face and neck aging and it is a valid alternative or complementary procedure to surgery and traditional aesthetic medicine procedures. Intralifting is suitable for both patients reluctant to undergo face lifting, and younger patients that are not yet candidate to surgery.

Grow your practice offer and patient retention with this innovative and customizable treatment.

Intralifting is an in-office procedure; it does not need any specific practice technical and structural organization. It is as easy as performing a filler or a thread lift.

What are Intralifting technique advantages?

EndoD.A.S. intralifting offers many benefits for the physician during procedure and in the patient follow-up.

EndoD.A.S. is one of the two operating functions of Therma D.A.S. medical device, to discover all its features and advantages visit Therma D.A.S. page.