What differentiates our Dermo Ablation Surgery technology from other plasma devices on the market?
The scientific background and research which result in scientific publications. Another important point is the continuous cooperation win and support from the Dermatology Department at University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” in Naples.

Publications focus on the applications of D.A.S. medical plasma RF ablation in different fields: dermatology, aesthetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Below you will find the list of publications with links to their abstracts:

Facial skin esthetic treatments with plasma radiofrequency ablation
Adone Baroni
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 2021; 1-6

Preliminary Assessment for Postsurgical Scar Treatment with the Novel Low-Energy Plasma Skin Regeneration Technique
Adone Baroni
Indian J Dermatol. 2020 Mar- Apr; 65 (2): 166- 167

Plasma radiofrequency ablation for treatment of benign skin lesions: Clinical and reflectance confocal microscopy outcomes
Eugenia Veronica Di Brizzi; Teresa Russo; Marina Agozzino; Giuseppe Argenziano; Caterina Mariarosaria Giorgio; Giulia Calabrese;
Roberto Alfano; Adone Baroni
SkinRes Technol. 2019; 00:1–4

The Outcomes Assessment of the Plasma Blade Technology in Upper Blepharoplasties: A Prospective Study on a Series of 25 Patients
Pierre Antoine Giroux; Barbara Hersant; Mounia Sid Ahmed-Mezi; Chiara Pizza; Simone La Padula; Jean Paul Meningaud
Aesth. Plast. Surg. 29 March 2019

Non-surgical blepharoplasty with the novel plasma radiofrequency ablation technology
Adone Baroni
SkinRes Technol. 2019; 00:1–4

Long-wave plasma radiofrequency ablation for treatment of xanthelasma palpebrarum
Adone Baroni
Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology 2018; 001–3


D.A.S. medical KOLs have also published many articles on aesthetic journals, focusing on different protocols with our plasma and endodermic radiofrequency technologies.

L’innovazione di ThermaD.A.S.
con la procedura intralifting
Dr. Andrea Lazzarotto
Ambulatorio Medico, gennaio 2021

Dermo ablazione plasma: l’innovazione negli interventi
di micro-elettrochirurgia
Dr. Chiara Lovati
Dermakos, settembre 2020

Le Meraviglie di ThermaD.A.S.
Dr. Noura Lebbar & Dr. Carlo Bonuccelli
Ambulatorio Medico, nr. 58 sett-dic 2019, pag. 20-21

Innovativo dispositivo medico D.A.S. medical
Dr. Noura Lebbar
HiTechDermo,Vol. 3-2018, pag 9-11

L’efficacia di D.A.S. Medical
Dr. Noura Lebbar
Ambulatorio Medico, nr. 56 Gennaio-Aprile 2017, pag 52

Total Rejuvenation of the Face with Plasma Device
Dr. Noura Lebbar
PMFA News Vol.4, Ed.4 April-May 2017

D.A.S. Medical: la nuova energia del plasma modulata in frequenza
Dr. Noura Lebbar
Ambulatorio Medico, nr. 52 Settembre-Dicembre 2017, pag. 33-34

La Dermo Ablation Surgery
Dr. Ivano Iozzo & Dr. Valentina Antonucci
Ambulatorio Medico, n.43 Settembre-Dicembre 2014,
pag. 14-15