What does Dermo Ablation Surgery mean?

Dermo Ablation Surgery or simply D.A.S. is a philosophy, an attitude to aesthetic medicine. It is a non-invasive approach to treatments; the idea is to stay at dermal level without damage to underlying skin layers. D.A.S. ensures results comparable to the more invasive techniques with delicate dermal sublimation.

The idea of Dermo Ablation Surgery was generated by the need of devices that might be delicate and effective at the same time, powerful without being bulky, versatile and safe.

Those attributes did not correspond to a single device on the market, being necessary to resort to different technologies and medical products to get their benefits.

The first system of Dermo Ablation Surgery family is D.A.S medical, a plasma device embodying the idea of versatile, handy and non-invasive device. It was followed by D.A.S. Pro Plasma, technological improvement of D.A.S. medical. Therma D.A.S. expands the potential of Dermo Ablation Surgery. This device combines plasma and endo-regulated radiofrequency for minimally invasive and surprisingly effective treatments.

Dermo Ablation Surgery guarantees versatile devices with a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine allowing physicians to offer comprehensive treatments and great advantages to their patients.

This is the reason why D.A.S. devices are useful not only for aesthetic physicians, but also for dermatologists, who can widen their offer, and for plastic surgeons, to combine this technology with blepharoplasty and lifting surgeries.

What are the advantages of D.A.S. devices?

Controlled energy emission. Plasma and radiofrequency are limited to the treated skin layers.

Delicate and painless treatments. No damages to nerves and vessels.

Widen the range of treatments for maximising patients benefits.

Visible results in few sessions. Patient satisfactions is guaranteed!

Adjustments of all parameters to skin type and treatment.

Reduced treatments time improves patient and workflow management.