Intralifting Technique with Endo D.A.S.

Intralifting is an effective technique, which exploits the thermoregulated intradermal radiofrequency of the EndoD.A.S. function. Despite its low invasiveness, the Intralifting procedure reshapes sagging skin, redefines the oval facial contour, reduces wrinkles and improves skin quality.

The efficacy of EndoD.A.S. lies in the emission of radiofrequency; hence, in dermal and hypodermal dissemination of heat. These are the skin layers involved in achieving effective skin withdrawal and deep stimulation of elastic fibres.

EndoD.A.S. Intralifting technology is painless. It neither causes discomfort during treatment nor entails any downtime after treatment. The procedure requires neither anaesthesia of the entire treated area nor sedation. The patient can, therefore, immediately return to daily activities without any concern about visible outcomes and complications.
The Intralifting procedure is designed to improve signs of facial and neck ageing. It is an effective alternative or complementary solution to surgery and to traditional aesthetic medicine procedures. Indeed, intralifting attracts fearful patients who are reluctant to undergo lifting surgery, and even young patients who are still not eligible candidates for surgery. Intralifting is a procedure that is carried out in the clinic. It has no particular technical or structural requirements. 
The Intralifting procedure is as simple as administering a dermal filler or applying traction with lifting threads!

Watch the video featuring Dr. Andrea Lazzarotto to learn about the details of Endo D.A.S. Intralifting technology.

What are the benefits of Intralifting technique?

Intralifting EndoD.A.S. offers several benefits for the physician during treatment and the follow-up phase.

  • Low invasiveness
    Treatment is performed with a rounded cannula, which slides into subcutaneous tissue.
  • Low trauma
    The rounded tip ensures that the treated area does not suffer any damage. RF energy is only administered to the areas concerned, without affecting the superficial layers of the skin.
  • Low learning curve
    The user-friendly interface, dedicated training and ongoing support of our specialists make it easy to learn how the device functions.
  • Better patient management
    No downtime: only the access site of the cannula will be visible. The low risk of complications facilitates patient management.

EndoD.A.S. is only one of the operating modes of the Therma D.A.S. device. Visit the Therma D.A.S. page to learn about all its features and benefits.