Eye rejuvenation

The eyes are the most intensively expressive, delicate and genuine part of our face. Both men and women feel the increasing need for their rejuvenation.

A D.A.S plasma technology solution has been developed for all delicate areas of the face. This innovative, non-surgical technology is capable of achieving extremely precise and effective treatments in a very short time, with barely any discomfort for the patient.

Dermo Ablation Surgery (D.A.S.) technology is based on the production of point-based emissions of micro-plasma, the fourth state of matter generated by ionisation of natural gases present in the air. The intervention is carried out with a dedicated handpiece designed to perform the “brushing” technique without direct contact. Actually, the micronised emission of plasma does not touch the skin surface but only single microscopic points, almost invisibly reaching and subliming the skin. It achieves the dual effect of reducing sagging skin and of deep epidermal stimulation, which contributes to induce dermal regeneration.

The remarkable precision of the treated surfaces makes it an ideal technology both to complete traditional blepharoplasty surgery and to reduce moderately sagging skin in order to improve eye contraction. The technology allows to intervene without surgery on a series of blemishes in the periocular area, such as swelling or periorbital skin depression, the sagging shape of eyelids and crow’s feet.

Even the most complex interventions can be carried out with one or two sessions with a long interval between them, and a maintenance session, if necessary, after a few months.

The implementation of D.A.S. in the clinical setting allows to treat both skin blemishes and benign dermatological lesions, perhaps by targeting both needs during the same session and without side effects.

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Periorbital Wrinkles
Courtesy of Dott.ssa Paola Tatoni – Italy

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Courtesy of Dott. Lazzarotto Andrea – Italy

Request additional information about technical features and benefits for the clinic resulting from the use of D.A.S. solutions in the facility’s technological framework. To know more about the Dermo Ablation Surgery technology systems, visit the publications section.


  • Low invasiveness
    The treatment is administered using the touch-based plasma device and point-based technique to smooth subcutaneous tissue.
  • Low trauma
    The treated area suffers low thermal damage. Plasma energy targets the skin surface.
  • User-friendly
    The user-friendly interface, dedicated training and ongoing support of our specialists make it easy to learn how the device functions.
  • Better patient management
    Low invasiveness, low risk of complications, customer satisfaction and lasting results.
  • Tissue regeneration
    The slight thermal stimulus excites fibroblasts, thus activating a new collagen and elastin synthesis.

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