Rejuvenation of the perioral area

Preserving a pleasant and youthful appearance of the face necessarily involves effective treatment of the lip area and of sagging skin in the lower middle third of both face and neck. D.A.S. plasma technology devices considerably improve the appearance of lips, especially reducing the fine wrinkles around the mouth.

This innovative plasma emission technology allows rapid skin rejuvenation interventions around the lips with scarcely any discomfort for the patient, and a procedure entirely carried out in the outpatient clinic. The many benefits include: rapid treatment, no contact with the epidermis, rapid patient recovery and an easy to use device.

The Dermo Ablation Surgery (D.A.S.) function is based on the emission of micro-plasma, the fourth state of matter.
The dedicated “touch system” handpiece does not generally target the facial surface but single microscopic points, almost invisibly reaching and subliming the skin. The outcome is removal of fine lines and other blemishes of the perioral area with a visible improvement in terms of texture. D.A.S. is a final, effective and scarcely invasive solution, which mellows the aesthetic impact of the intervention, and allows a quick return to daily routine activities.

In terms of efficacy, the many benefits include simplified procedures, low risk, client satisfaction and long-lasting results. The simplified interface and rapid treatment also increase the clinic’s productivity.

Request additional information about technical features and benefits for the clinic resulting from the use of D.A.S. solutions in the facility’s technological framework.

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Mouth Wrinkles
Courtesy of Marieke van Egten, Skin Therapist presso Dermacos – Netherlands

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Mouth Wrinkles
Courtesy of
Marieke van Egten, Skin Therapist presso Dermacos – Netherlands


  • No contact with the skin
    The handpiece merely brushes the skin with a point-based action, which smooths subcutaneous tissue.
  • Low thermal damage
    Plasma energy selectively sublimes only the superficial layers of the skin, reshaping it layer by layer.
  • User-friendly
    The D.A.S. device is designed to be user-friendly; anyhow, a training service is included.
  • Satisfied patients
    Patient management is facilitated by the intervention’s low impact, low rate of complications and long-lasting results.
  • Stimulates regeneration
    Point-based thermal stimulation excites fibroblasts to activate a new production of collagen and elastin.

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